Chef Barbara Colvin

Barbara Colvin

Executive Chef

Hi, I am Barb Owner/ Chef of Palmetto Palate Catering. I have over twenty-five years of professional experience in the catering field. This started as a hobby because of my passion for cooking but has turned into my life! I am from a large family and learned to cook at an early age. I am so very grateful to my mother for setting high standards for daily eating… never a canned vegetable, fresh is always best. Both my parents were from New York. So being the firstborn in the South, I have learned. I have acquired a taste for Southern fresh! And I love it! And love the ability to mix North and South!

What makes Palmetto Palate stand apart is that I “create”! Everything is made from scratch in-house! I do not serve processed foods (except for occasional bacon). I work with clients to tailor menus to meet their highest expectations!
Palmetto Palate is also one of the first “farm-to-table” businesses” and is recognized by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture as “Fresh on the Menu”. It is a “green” catering company. Clients are encouraged to use non- disposable service ware. If disposable is necessary, only recyclable and biodegradable are used.
Palmetto Palate “caters to your taste”!