Morsels About Us

Barbara Colvin

Barb Colvin, Owner and Executive Chef of Palmetto Palate, has been in the catering business most of her life.

Having learned culinary arts from her mother, Barb was shown the high standard needed in order to bring her passion to the public. She also recognized the therapeutic aspects to cooking, which fell in line with her experience in the nonprofit field.

Using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, she has carved her place in the industry, both in the upstate and the region as a whole.

The premier farm-to-table catering company in the upstate, Palmetto Palate opened in 2009 and we haven’t stopped since! And with the care we have for each bite taken, we continue to be designated “Fresh on the Menu” by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Having opened another catering service in Charleston, SC, we continue the tradition of being family-owned, enthusiastic, and proud to customize each presentation for the tastes of our clients, in house, hand made, and with the freshest ingredients in the area!